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If you do not want a soaker then please enter code 'Soakeroff' at check out. This should reduce all nappies on your cart to £20 for BTP and £22 for Pull ups.

Birth To Potty (BTP)

 The BTP Sham pocket. Sham pocket have opening inside nappy insted of other styles that have them on the top of the nappy edge.  They are suitable for a baby weighing between 9lb-42lb, depending on the build of the baby. Like the newborn this also has tummy elastic to help prevent leaking. This has a snap rise system at the front. 

Inside napy has microfleece lining and will come with a bamboo/hemp mix snake soaker. 3 layer foldered to make 6.  

BTP Nappy Breastfeeding large print

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