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This is a pre-order product — do not order with retail sales.
Please also be aware that clothing and nappies are hand made in different parts of the UK so you will have the option of:
•    Combined shipping (wait for both to be completed) or
•    Two sets of shipping costs – BE SURE to add ‘clothing postage’ to your cart before checkout.

    CSP pad        
Outer 100% polyester
Inner is lined with microfleece for comfort. 
To be unnoticeable as possible, thickness of the core and therefore absorbency levels are as follows:
Liner 100% cotton
Light- 90% bamboo 10% polyester
Medium - 70% cotton, 27.5% hemp, 2.5% elastine
Heavy - 22.5% cotton, 27.5% hemp, 45% bamboo, 5% polyester
Very heavy - 36% hemp, 30% cotton, 30% bamboo, 4 % polyester 

CSP Past prints

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