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This is a pre-order product — do not order with retail sales.Please also be aware that clothing and nappies are hand made in different parts of the UK so at check out make sure you chose the correct postage option.

  • Select pre-order nappies and clothing if ordering both in pre-order
  • Select pre-order nappies of just ordering nappies in pre-order
  • Select pre-order clothing if just ordering clothing in pre-order

Do not combine pre-orders with made to order or retail.

Grow With Me rompers and pinafore dresses have a pull cord feature that is pulled in or let out accordingly for when the child is growing. Cuffs are also longer to allow you to fold them up or down.
Short rompers do not have a zip or popper option. Due to the nature of the pattern it’s not possible to add one in.
Grow With Me dresses become shorter as the child grows. The Grow With Me strap dress has a popper feature on the back and the straps for size adjustment.
Grow With Me tops are looser and become tighter as the child grows.
Grow With Me leggings have a fold-over band and cuffs to accommodate child growth.

Grow with me clothing Birthday Penguin

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