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This is a pre-order product — do not order with retail sales.

Please also be aware that clothing and nappies are hand made in different parts of the UK so at check out make sure you chose the correct postage option.

  • Select pre-order nappies and clothing if ordering both in pre-order
  • Select pre-order nappies of just ordering nappies in pre-order
  • Select pre-order clothing if just ordering clothing in pre-order

Do not combine pre-orders with made to order or retail.

‘Remember Me’ collection items have a 10% of profit charity donation to the Royal British Legion.
Please choose if you would like it made up as an AI2 or Sham pocket. 
Comes with liner – please choose from drop-down menu.
Wrap-covers do not come with liners.
Size, depending on build of child: 
New born: 5-16 lbs
BTP: 9-42 lbs
Pull-up: 15-55 lbs
All nappies have a microfleece lining making it soft against baby’s skin.


For more information about each size please refure to our products page. There you will find inforation about each of our nappies. 


Nappies Birthday Balloons

  • Please be aware that the turn round time for pre-orders is 6-10 weeks from closing date. Please don't order if you are not happy with this. Cancellations will not be accepted after ordering from the pre-order sections and fabric has been ordered. There will be limited retail so I encourage you to pre order. Due to clothing and nappies being made in different places, you will have a chose to ether wait for both to be post together or have them sent separately.  If you chose to post separately you will need to add clothing postage to your order.

    Please be aware that the colours for the cuffs/waistbands/lining on clothing may vary from what is on the mock ups if we feel that the colour we intended does not work for this item (as some colours are difficult to match). 


    Pre-order items can only be returned of there is a fault.  

    Retail can be retuned at customer’s expense.

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