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Our product range

Nappy range

We sell a number of different nappy styles and sizes, including newborn, BTP, toddlerpreflat and covers. 

AI2 and the Sham Pocket come with a snake soaker. If you are pre-ordering you will have the choice of which absorbent content you would like. Retail will be bamboo and hemp mix. 


Our newborn nappies come in 2 styles. AI2 or Sham Pocket. 

Newborn is suitable for baby's weighing 5lb-16lb depending on the build of the child. It has 3 snap down rise to change the size depending on child's weight to get the perfect fit. These nappies come with an elasticated front to help prevent leaking.


Birth To Potty (BTP)

 The BTP again comes in 2 styles, the AI2 or the Sham Pocket. They are suitable for a baby weighing between 9lb-42lb, depending on the build of the baby. Like the newborn this also has tummy elastic to help prevent leaking. This has a snap rise system at the front

Pull up

The toddler pull up only available in Sham Pocket. After testing we found that the sham pocket was easier for toddlers to pull up without the insert moving. 

The weight range on this nappy is 15lb-55lb depending on the build of your child, again like the birth to potty it has the tummy elastic but the poppers are located at the side. This versatile nappy can be used to function the same way as the BTP by tightening the popper setting or loosen the setting to become a pull up. 

This nappy comes with a 4 snap rise system at the front. 

If you plan to use your pull up at night, the night pull up comes with 2 extra boosters. One 2 layer and one 3 layer that you can add to the snake soaker for better absorbency.


We currently have 2 different preflats. A BTP or a toddler, these have a hemp core with cotton lycra outer and inner. 


The BTP is for babies weighing between 10lb-35lb. To change the size depending on the child you just fold down the front. We can do this preflat with added poppers so that you do not have to use pins.



 The toddler preflat is for toddlers or babies weighing between 25lb-60lb. Just like the BTP one poppers can be added if you wish so pins are not needed. 

If you wish for poppers to be added then please leave a note at checkout. 

Pull up cover

We do a pull up cover in a number of sizes from newborn to xxl. The covers work perfectly for the preflats or other systems that need a waterproof layer. The cover is PUL with fleece bands. 

If you struggle with bad sock marks after using a wrap (especially at night like we did)  then pull up cover may be the alternative you have been looking for. The fleece bands are soft against skin and leave no marks on babies legs. 


Custom and embroidery nappies and clothing. 

We do offer custom and embroidery nappies, clothing and wet bags to match. Our custom and embroidery nappies are available as a BTP or Toddler Pull up.  

Please message us so we can talk about what you are after and what we can do for you.

Wet bag and Pod range

Wet Bags

We have 2 sizes of wet bags we offer, small and large. 

The small will hold up to 3 nappies and are great for a quick run out with the kids. 

The large will hold up to 6 nappies and is perfect for a day out. 

Our wet bags have french seams to help prevent leaking and are also fantastic for wet clothes and swimming kits. 


We have 4 sizes of pod and just like the wet bags they all have french seams making them water-resistant. 

All pods have straps that are adjustable in 3 ways. Poppers allow to you make the strap short, long or 2 straps to hang on the push chair. 

Pad Pod 

This pod is small and perfect for storing your cloth pads in. 

Small Pod

Our small pod comes with a front pocket and holds up to 4 nappies in. 

Medium Pod

The medium pod has no front pocket and is slim. This will holds up to 6 nappies. 

Large Pod

The large pod has a front pocket and can hold 7/8 nappies. 

Cloth Sanitary Pads (csp)